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Fáinne @ 3 Rock


Bright Brown


Mannerist Rosette
Rosette at The Scalp


“Cut-up style”


Funny Coin project


The Diamond
Fåsten digital collages


A walk at Kilmashogue Passage Tomb
Chrome Dreams (Gold)


Drumnadober (front, back and mix)


S.N.F. on the Boyne (Byzantine Edition)
ARTBIN in the Boyne Valley
Brew na Bóinne – GLITCH


Things twice…


ARTBIN drawing at Ballyedmonduff
ARTBIN String work
Im Tenna
“New Songs…” works
Things made for drawing – Three Rock Series
Things made for drawing – Kilmashogue Series


Massy’s Wood Series
Glencree Intervention
Prismatic Illustrations


Sunburst in the Studio
Colour coded Pi
A Popular Destination works
String Diamonds
Ballycoyle Mirrors
Colour coded Pi, Kilmashogue
Verde Mision Shed Piece
Coronation Plantation Drawing


Kilmashogue Pi Drawing
Old sculpture, new etching
Three Rock Mirror Installation